class Hunter::Api

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HEADERS = HTTP::Headers {"Content-Type" => "application/json", "Accept" => "application/json", "User-Agent" => ""}


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def : HTTP::Client, api_key : String) #

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def self.handle_status(response : HTTP::Client::Response) : JSON::Any? #

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def handle_response(response : HTTP::Client::Response) : JSON::Any #

200 - OK / The request was successful

201 - Created / The request was successful and the resource was created

202 - Email verification in progress / The Email verification is still in progress. Feel free to make the same verification again as often as you want, it will only count as a single request until we return the response

204 - No content / The request was successful and no additional content was sent

222 - Email verification failed / The Email verification failed because of an unexpected response from the remote SMTP server. This failure is outside of our control. We advise you to retry later

400 - Bad request / Your request was not valid

401 - Unauthorized / No valid API key was provided

403 - Forbidden / You have reached the rate limit

404 - Not found / The requested resource does not exist

422 - Unprocessable entity / Your request is valid but the creation of the resource failed. Check the errors

429 - Too many requests / You have reached your usage limit. Upgrade your plan if necessary

451 - Unavailable for legal reasons / The person behind the requested resource has asked us directly or indirectly to stop the processing of this resource. For this reason, you shouldn't process this resource yourself in any way

5XX - Server errors / Something went wrong on Hunter's end

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